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How to search our OPAC:

1. Pinyin is the standard Chinese transscription.

2. Searching for titles it has to be used in non-aggregated form:

For example:  中國歷代貨幣  is best searched as:
                                                                1) "zhong guo li dai huo bi" (including the quotation marks)
中國歷代 etc. in traditional characters

3.  Searching for authors requires the "standardized form":

For example:  郭沫若  is best searched as: "Guo, Moruo"

4. The OPAC is "script sensitive", i.e., it does not convert queries in simplified script into traditional script and vice versa:

For example:  中國歷代貨幣  will not be found by searching for 中国历代货币.

5. Searching can be refined by searching only in "title" or "author" fields instead of the whole "Library catalogue"

6. Search results can be sorted by different criteria.

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